CashBack: the smart way to discount

Switch from coupon codes to CashBack offers that drive +30% higher list growth and +37% Welcome series revenue, all while improving your profit margins.
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How CashBack works

Brands replace coupons in their welcome series popup, email, & SMS with CashBack. Shoppers may redeem CashBack post purchase either as cash via a Visa card or a gift card back to the brand's store.

Since not every shopper claims their CashBack brands reinvest that money into larger offers to increase conversion and revenue.

Works out of the box with your email and SMS provider

CashBack is enabled by a UTM so you can easily add it to any link in an email, sms, popup, influencer link, or ad.

"It's so freaking easy to use."
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How to start
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Revenue Increase
Email & SMS
List Growth

“Because some customers opt for store credit or choose not to redeem at all, the overall discounting percentage ends up running around 9% (not 20%). CashBack allows us to discount more aggressively, but at the same time more profitably.”

Ryan Popoff

Founder and CEO, Popov Leather
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SMS List Growth
Email List Growth

“Massive shout out to the Fondue Team. Conversion is up, sales are up, margins up, and discounting way down. Customers love seeing the CashBack in their cart - it makes them feel like they actually are getting something.”

Chris Meade

Co-founder, Crossnet
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Net Revenue
Email & SMS
List Growth

“Since switching to CashBack our welcome series has never performed better! Fondue’s process surpassed our expectations. They managed the entire setup from A to Z.”

Barbara Almeida

General Manager, Birthdate Co.
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Welcome Series
Email & SMS
List Growth

“Discounting strategy is a big area of focus at True Classic, so we wanted to test into CashBack offers. After A/B testing our popup and welcome series, we switched all our flows away from offering % off coupons to % CashBack. Besides a meaningful boost to topline revenue and list growth, CashBack enabled us to generate more contribution margin per conversion and accelerate our company’s growth.”

Ben Yahalom

President, True Classic
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More Conversions
Fewer Discounts

Great and very easy to use app for increasing cash flow without decreasing conversion! Incredibly easy to set up and use, the founders are always available for questions, and we've seen an increase in profits already! Highly recommend.

Peter Marler

Co-Founder & CEO, Robin Golf
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Gift Card Rate
Fewer Discounts

We tested CashBack on just a popup to start and have since expanded to multiple sitewide campaigns. Giving our shoppers choice what incentive will get them to buy has translated to more purchases, more engagement, and better margin across the board.

Duc Nguyen

Founder & CEO, Succulents Box
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Increased Profit
Fewer Discounts

We have been able to boost our click-through and signup rates while actually paying out less in discounts. Customers who need the discount to buy still get it, and it’s been great to see that most don’t!

Patrick Clarke

Founder & CEO, Cape Clasp

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