Introducing the Fondue Partner Program: Ramping Up Our CashBack Offering

Fondue Team
March 18, 2024

It's already been 8 months since Postscript acquired Fondue— what a ride it's been so far! 

CashBack continues to be a huge win for merchants. We have already seen our clients improve their list growth rate by +31%, increase their welcome series revenue by +37%, and increase their contribution margins by up to 5%! 

So, it's no surprise that brands like True Classic, Obvi, and Lumin are switching from coupons to CashBack. You can check out more of their results here

If you’re like us, you’re thinking, “How can this get any better?”


Introducing the Fondue Partner Referral Program! 

Whether you are a massive agency or an individual consultant, we invite you to participate by signing up through our Partner Program here. Once registered, you can begin referring your clients to Fondue and getting paid!

The referral bonus for a successful Fondue referral is a one-time payment ranging from $200 - $500. The bonus is $500 for brands generating $5M or more in annual revenue and $200 for brands generating less than $5M.

Qualifying Fondue referrals must be submitted via the PartnerStack Partner Program lead form prior to them installing Fondue and completing an A/B test. This form can always be found on the right side of our program page, as seen below:


Happy texting! 

Wassim Dakik, Senior Manager of Partnerships at Postscript (and now Fondue!)