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Mofidying Shopper CashBack Selection

March 31st, 2024
Brand Admins now have the capability to switch a shopper's reward selection between Visa Card and Gift Card inside your account.Find the order number you want to modify and click the “Actions” drop down to find the new “Change CashBack Selection” feature.With this new functionality, ensuring shopper satisfaction and managing rewards preferences just got a whole lot easier.

Include/ Exclude Collections

Jan 4th 2024
We've just rolled out a new feature allowing merchants to tailor their Cashback promotions with precision. Now, you can include or exclude specific product collections, enabling more targeted and effective promotions. Ideal for dynamic or extensive collections, this feature simplifies the promotional process, integrating seamlessly into the existing promotion creation flow. This enhancement is all about giving you more control and flexibility for impactful marketing!
Please note: Any updates to your collection's product list may take up to 24 hours to reflect in our system.

Sleek and Refreshed Look for Fondue’s Admin

Dec 31st, 2023
We've revamped the look of our admin interface to enhance your experience. The new design is not just about aesthetics; it's cleaner, more user-friendly, and designed to make your navigation smoother. Enjoy the fresh, modern feel as you manage your tasks with ease.

Manual Suspend Function for Cashback Orders

Oct 5th, 2023
This feature gives you direct control over your shoppers' Cashback. With just a few clicks, you can now manually suspend Cashback on specific orders, offering greater flexibility and management over your promotions. 

Customizable Gift Card Boost for Each Promotion

Sep 26th, 2023
Merchants can now set a unique Gift Card boost for each new promotion created. This update moves away from the one-size-fits-all global value, giving you the flexibility to tailor the Gift Card boost according to the specific needs of each promotion. This setting is easily accessible during the promotion creation flow, ensuring a seamless and customized promotional experience.

Timeline in Cashback Order page

Sep 18th, 2023
We've upgraded the Cashback order page in our Admin with a new, intuitive timeline feature.
This addition provides a clear, chronological view of events leading up to each cashback. Tracking the journey of a Cashback order has never been easier, offering you greater visibility and understanding of the CashBack process. This tool is designed to simplify your monitoring and decision-making, enhancing your overall management experience.

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