Fondue has been acquired by Postscript

Fondue Team
July 11, 2023

This is awesome. 

We are thrilled to announce that Fondue has been acquired by Postscript - the leading SMS marketing platform for Shopify!!‍

We are joining a rocketship - Postscript is making SMS the #1 revenue channel for over 10,000 Shopify brands and is growing faster than ever. They are beloved by their customers and now Fondue is their first ever acquisition!

Fondue’s mission remains the same: enabling brands to grow profitably by ridding them of their coupon code addiction. CashBack has already displaced coupon codes for brands such as True Classic, Barstool Sports, Obvi, and hundreds of others - and this deal accelerates making our mission a reality to the next 100,000.

So what does this really mean:

For Fondue Brands

Get ready for 10x value. Any brand can still use Fondue with any email, SMS, or popup provider. But we’re already scaling up the team and building new features. You’re going to see big changes over the coming months and more opportunities to grow your revenue more efficiently with the CashBack you love.

Learn more about Postscript ->

For Postscript Brands

Still the Postscript you know and love; now with a huge opportunity for accelerated list growth, subscriber LTV, and profitability. Ask your Postscript rep how to get early access to Fondue’s native integrations with SMS Sales & Marketing.‍

Signup for Fondue and save 10% on your monthly SMS spend ->

For the entire Shopify ecosystem: 

We’re creating the ultimate revenue channel. Any brand that is looking for a profit unlock: list growth, welcome series revenue, LTV - heck anywhere coupon codes or SMS are used Postscript is THE PLACE.‍

Alex Beller, President & Co-Founder of Postscript, says it best: 

“At Postscript, we’ve been laser focused on leveraging SMS to make merchants more money. Our acquisition of Fondue is us tripling down on that mission. Fondue is already improving list growth, repeat purchase rate, and contribution margin for hundreds of Shopify brands. We are excited to accelerate that growth in the coming years and bring even more innovation to our customers.”

It’s been an incredible journey thus far, and we’re just getting started.

Sincerely,Oren, Will, Abraham and the entire Fondue crew