Duradry Stays Fresh & Clean, Sees Revenue Jump 21%

Case Studies
Fondue Team
March 10, 2023


It’s not every day you hear about a brand that has completely shaken up an industry since its very inception, but Duradry has done just that. Their popular personal care brand has achieved incredible success selling a wide range of products designed to help people with excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. The company was founded by Jack Benzaquen, who was motivated to create effective solutions for this common problem. Their products include antiperspirant deodorants and other topical treatments that are designed to provide long-lasting relief from excessive sweating. Duradry’s high-quality products are not only effective but also help people feel more confident and comfortable in their daily lives.

I am blown away by the results! It was super simple to implement and we can finally forget about coupon code leakage into discount pages/apps.
-CEO & Founder, Jack Benzaquen


Benzaquen and the Duradry team had three goals. 

1. Increase SMS & email signups with popup forms.

2. Boost conversion rates with their email welcome series.

3. Boost AOV with personalized product recommendations.

Duradry tried using a custom quiz on their popups to personalize messaging and offers for shoppers hoping this would allow them to better qualify and convert shoppers into loyal customers. They were already offering discounts within their welcome series, so they were very sensitive to any kind of discount strategy since it was cutting heavily into their profit margins.

The team wanted to find a more efficient way to recommend personalized products throughout the entire customer journey in an effort to increase AOV.


So they reached out to Fondue to help optimize their welcome series. As a data-driven company, Duradry loved the idea of testing Fondue’s CashBack and wanted to lean on Fondue’s expertise for supercharging email/sms welcome flows – from signups to conversions to revenue.

Duradry also looked to Rebuy for the incredible smart cart and recommendations solutions they provided. These were geared towards increasing AOV across the brand by delivering clear CTAs with tailored product recommendations for each shopper.

Combining Rebuy with Fondue was a powerful combination because not only did it allow Duradry to provide better customer incentives but also allowed them to target customers with personalized upsells.

I am blown away by the results! It was super simple to implement and we can finally forget about coupon code leakage into discount pages/apps.
-CEO & Founder, Jack Benzaquen 


Rebuy and Fondue provided an end-to-end white-glove onboarding experience for Duradry, which included setting up an A/B test against their native custom quiz and Klaviyo email campaigns.

The test included the original 10% off popup that Duradry had against a new 20% CashBack offer through Fondue. The offer was also shown to shoppers on both mobile and desktop to test further which offer was more attractive to shoppers for signing up. The A/B test flowed consistently through all email campaigns to determine which led to more clicks, conversions, and revenue.

To help further, Fondue and Rebuy built a new tech integration that allows Rebuy merchants to use Fondue with greater flexibility and increased value for shoppers. This new integration makes it easier for brands to educate shoppers on its CashBack offer throughout the customer journey.

Throughout the process, Duradry also installed five data-driven Rebuy widgets designed to improve the customers’ experience. These included

  • Add-to-cart (ATC) subscription upsell popup
  • In-cart cross-sells
  • In-checkout cross-sells
  • Post-purchase offer
  • Tracking page cross-sells (tracking page via Wonderment)

The subscription upsell popup specifically accounts for approximately 34% of Druadry’s Rebuy-generated revenue.


The campaign was a huge success, with incredible results at every stage of the funnel in the welcome series. By offering CashBack over coupons, the email capture rate increased by 14.6%, and revenue increased by 21%. When reviewing the AOV driven by the welcome series, Duradry experienced an increase of 16.2% with CashBack.

What's more, leveraging Rebuy throughout the entire customer journey resulted in an additional AOV boost of 6.75%. 

By combining Fondue and Rebuy, Duradry can now offer customers better incentives and enrich the shopping experience with highly-relevant personalized product offers.

Email signups on the welcome popup are UP, AOV is UP, and the Repurchase rate is UP; all this while spending less money than with regular coupons.
-CEO & Founder, Jack Benzaquen