How Duradry boosted revenue by 21% with Fondue

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Fondue Team
September 27, 2023


Duradry is the #1 solution for hyperhidrosis (AKA excessive sweating). Launched in 2014, the DTC personal care brand offers a wide range of dermatologist-recommended anti-sweat and odor control products. Duradry empowers users to stay dry, feel comfortable, and be more confident every day. 

“I am blown away by Fondue's results! It was super simple to implement, and we can finally forget about coupon codes leaking into our discount pages." ­- Jack Benzaquen, Founder & CEO of Duradry


Duradry needed a marketing incentive that wouldn’t eat profits

As a personal care brand, Duradry leans into the intimate — sometimes uncomfortable — aspects of our daily hygiene. But, to do this effectively, the brand must familiarize itself with each customer's unique pain points. 

That's where their marketing quiz comes in. Using shoppers’ answers to this quiz, Duradry can personalize messaging and product recommendations to increase the likelihood of conversion, increase AOV, and build brand loyalty. However, they first had to incentivize visitors to fill out the quiz. 

Every shopper who takes the quiz is auto-enrolled in the brand’s email welcome series, which offers a coupon code. The team was reluctant to provide any more discounts that could cut deeper into their profit margins. With this, Duradry began looking for a more profitable solution — and discovered Fondue. 


When Duradry discovered Fondue, testing CashBack as a potential marketing incentive was a no-brainer. Jack Benzaquen, Founder & CEO of Duradry, highlights three benefits of Fondue that have been game-changing: 

Benefit #1: CashBack reduces discount payouts and maximizes profit margins

Unlike coupon codes that cut directly into your brand’s profit margins, CashBack allows Duradry to offer bigger incentives (i.e., 20% back instead of 10% off) while reducing discount payout. After all, not every shopper needs a discount to purchase — meaning only some customers will actually redeem the offer at checkout. 

Benefit #2: Combining Fondue and Rebuy levels up Duradry’s customer insights

Around this same time, Duradry partnered with Rebuy, the smart cart and product recommendations solution. Fondue’s CashBack gave customers extra incentive to take Duradry’s quiz and provide valuable zero-party marketing data. From there, the data powers Rebuy to target shoppers with tailored upsells. 

Plus, Rebuy and Fondue partnered to test how a 20% CashBack offer performed compared to Duradry's original 10% coupon code as an incentive: 

  • For completing the marketing quiz
  • In the welcome email series
  • On desktop vs. mobile

All creative assets remained static for this test, providing Duradry with indisputable data on which offer drove the most clicks, conversion rates, and revenue — at every step of the funnel. 

Benefit #3: CashBack is seamless for customers to adopt

The new Rebuy + Fondue integration also seamlessly educates Duradry shoppers on CashBack throughout the customer journey. As a result, people knew exactly how to claim their offers and jumped at the chance to take the quiz. 


Thanks to Fondue, Duradry boosts AOV, revenue, and opt-in rates

Since onboarding with Fondue, Duradry found the 20% CashBack offer wildly outperformed their 10% coupon code at every step in the funnel. This has unlocked some incredible results, including: 

  • Lifting welcome series AOV by 16%
  • Boosting email opt-in rate by 14.6%
  • Generating 21% more revenue

Fondue's impact didn't stop there. Duradry is now equipped with the data needed to enrich the customer experience with highly-relevant, personalized product offers — thanks to this new-and-improved CashBack incentive. By leveraging this data in Rebuy, the brand even boosted site-wide AOV by an additional 6.75%.

“Email signups on our welcome popup are up, AOV is up, and our repurchase rate is up. All of this was accomplished with Fondue while spending less money than we would with regular coupons.”