Welcome Series Popup Deep Dive: Top 250 Brands

Industry Insights
Fondue Team
March 10, 2023

In the ever-crowded DTC space, setting your brand apart with a strong first impression is crucial for success. And one of the most effective ways to make that oh-so-important impression is through a killer welcome series. A well-crafted welcome series could very well be the deciding factor between converting a new customer — or losing them. To ensure you're always on track to convert, we’ve aggregated some of the best practices and tools Shopify’s top 250 stores are using for their welcome series pop-up. Let's get that marketing strategy of yours up to par!

You know what they say "the right tools make all the difference" - and this is especially true when designing effective popups. Luckily, there are plenty of tools to choose from. 

The most commonly used options are:

  • Attentive
  • Klaviyo
  • Wunderkind
  • Listrak
  • Postscript 

These tools offer a range of features to help stores create, automate, and analyze their popups for maximum impact. Note that Attentive is implemented so frequently, that almost 40% of the top 250 Shopify stores trust it for their popups. 

Now, for the age-old debate: should your discount be percentage-based or dollar-based? Well, according to recent data, 89.7% of the top 250 Shopify stores prefer percentage-based discounts, with 10% off being the most popular offer. While this option may be effective for many, it's not always the best choice. 

Dollar-based discounts can provide a unique advantage by offering a clearer and more tangible value, which is particularly appealing for larger purchases. So, when it comes to choosing between percent or dollar, it's worth considering the specific needs of your business.

Of course, not every brand relies solely on discounts in its welcome series. There are plenty of other creative strategies to incentivize customers. For example, some stores offer spin-to-win games, giveaways, mystery offers, drop-signups, and gifts. 

Among these options, spin-to-win offers are the most popular alternative to coupons. This type of offer provides a fun and interactive way to engage with customers and incentivize them to make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter.

One of the most exciting new coupon alternatives is Fondue. They offer a smart and savvy alternative to tired old coupon schemes with their CashBack system. They're able to provide customers the chance to earn money back on their purchases, not only incentivizing them to keep shopping with you — but also building up their loyalty to your brand. 

With Fondue, you can enjoy the benefits of offering coupons without the hassle of fiddling with coupons or codes. Plus, with the flexibility to offer a percentage of the purchase back to the customer, there's no limit to how you can reward your faithful shoppers.

So, make your first impression work to your benefit. Curate a welcome series that earns its' place as a valuable asset for customer loyalty and retention. With the right tools and strategies, you can create a personalized and effective campaign that keeps customers coming back for more. 

And if you're tired of the same old coupon schemes, why not try Fondue's innovative CashBack system? With Fondue, brands will experience why CashBack is the better alternative. CashBack can boost your brand's revenue by over 30% and over 25% in LTV. The choice is yours, so get out there and start crafting your perfect welcome series today!