Weekly Round Up: Our Team's Favorite Tools

Tools & Tips
Carly Wallace
September 14, 2022

Organization, communication, and execution tools have become an integral part of the working world, with most teams relying on a combination of platforms. Get it right, and your already top-notch team can take their productivity to the next level. We’ve curated a list of the tools our team absolutely can’t live without: 

1. Slack

Call us basic, but nothing holds a candle to Slack. As a global team, a lot of our best work is done asynchronously, so communication is key. Even our most talented multi-taskers can’t do it all, and the ability to automate workflows with app integrations allows us to focus on the work that matters most. We’d be remiss not to mention our (arguably) favorite feature: custom emojis. Because every Fondog (Fondue dog) deserves a seat at the table.

2. Trello

Alexa, play “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. Trello is quite literally our guiding light. We have boards for every major project, and within those boards, about a dozen lists. We’re a small, but mighty team, which means we need to stay hyper-organized in order to stay on top of our many workstreams. We love that it’s versatile enough to be our one-stop shop for project management. 

3. Notion

Remember your clunky five subject notebook from high school? We’re so grateful there’s a digital version of that now. From housing our benefits information to outlining processes, Notion is a 10/10 when it comes to aligning and creating documentation. 

4. Loom

Ever try to explain a situation via email by typing, erasing, and retyping about a dozen times, only to realize it would be ~*~so~*~ much easier to show, not tell? S A M E. If it weren’t for Loom, our desktops would be riddled with screenshots, our DMs would be littered with follow up questions, and our wrists would be afflicted with carpal tunnel.  Not to mention, we love the ability to hide our faces on those days we didn’t quite get ready.

5. Figma

We’re huge fans of Fimga because it gets the whole team involved. It’s unbelievably easy to collaborate and use, even for our team members with little to no design experience. We can create and iterate on interactive prototypes in a cinch, so we’re always learning and moving forward. While we like to think we thrive in chaos, it's nice to have a design platform where we don’t have to. 

6. Sendgrid

With the nature of our product, automated emails are our jam. We need an email delivery system with off-the-charts deliverability so no one thinks we ghosted them. Not only are we sitting pretty with a tier 1 delivery rate, we’re obsessed with the fact that we only need to invest a short amount of time on the front end to get our email automations up and running. On the hunt for an email marketing platform? Check out some of our other favorites.



New on the scene but committed to being the third musketeer to teamwork & dreamwork, Gluework makes sure your processes are producing. We’ve all seen “set it and forget it” end up as “forget it and forget it” when the time to follow a process ends up burning all the time you were meant to save with the process. Gluework automates away the check in zoom and rogue ‘touch base’ Slack huddle. Autonomy for operators and visibility for teams.