Unlock the Power of SMS with Postscript

Deep Dives
Fondue Team
March 10, 2023

Postscript has created a platform that takes SMS Marketing to the next level. With their comprehensive set of tools and features, you no longer need to solely rely on low-performing email campaigns. With 98% open rates you’ll have the reach to increase sales and boost conversions. can finally say goodbye to the days of email campaign dependency and hello to SMS messaging that increases your sales and boosts your conversions along the way. Looks like it’s your lucky day (again).

Using Postscript for SMS marketing is honestly a no-brainer. SMS allows brands to reach consumers in their most personal inbox — their text messages. It gives brands access to a channel previously reserved for an individual’s innermost circle of friends, family members, and acquaintances. This is perfect for brands looking to get their message delivered in real time, build real connections with their customers, and unlock new revenue at the same time.

By leveraging the full power of automations, filters, and segments, brands can drastically improve their messaging relevancy and build stronger relationships with their SMS audience. And with a comprehensive set of features and an easy-to-use platform, it's basically like having a marketing team in your pocket! Utilizing SMS as a revenue channel is the perfect growth-solution for businesses of any size — from garage start-ups to multinational corporations.

Feature #1: (Drive traffic and sales with personalized SMS campaign and automation flows)

With Postscript, businesses can finally add a layer of personality to their messages and show off their brand's unique voice. Gone are the days of generic, soulless campaigns that leave customers feeling unappreciated. By utilizing over 65 different trigger events, brands can now automatically reach out to customers at just the right moment - whether they've signed up, made a purchase, or even left something behind in their cart. This is not your average marketing, folks - this is personalized, witty, and just plain smart. And with increased engagement and loyalty, who says business can't be a little fun?

Feature #2:  (Track revenue and ROI to optimize conversion rates for your SMS programs)

Postscrip's dashboard allows you to finally be the clairvoyant marketing guru you always knew you could be. By tracking Subscriber LTV, you'll know exactly how much each subscriber is worth from opt-in to opt-out. Plus, Postscript's colored circle graphs are like having a traffic light for your campaigns - green for go, yellow for proceed with caution, and red for stop and rethink your strategy. This real-time insight allows decision-making to be a breeze. It's like having a fortune teller that can accurately predict your revenue and ROIs.

Feature #3:  (Manage and respond to text conversations with your subscribers)

Managing and responding to subscribers is as easy as pie! (perhaps even easier using Postscript) Build a rapport with your customers by engaging in real-time two-way conversations using the built-in messaging feature. And the best part? It's all stored and accessible through filters, making it a breeze to address specific concerns or inquiries. So, whether you're a brand or a business — you can rest assured that Postscript will improve your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty with its user-friendly and effective communication tools. Trust us, your subscribers will be thanking you in no time!

If you're not using SMS marketing with Postscript, you're missing out on a lot of dough (not the delicious kind). With more and more brands jumping on the SMS bandwagon, it's clear that this marketing strategy is here to stay. Postscript's platform is so user-friendly it practically holds your hand through the process, and the integration with Fondue is like adding sprinkles to an already amazing sundae. Don't be a lollygagger, start using SMS marketing with Postscript and watch your business soar to new heights!