Hundreds of Products You Can Sell Online

Industry Insights
Carly Wallace
September 16, 2022

We’ve rounded up some of the most creative and profitable products so you can start selling successfully online. 

Shopify’s Big List of Business Ideas

  1. Gear for a specific sport or activity, like snowboarding or Muay Thai
  2. Group meditation classes or guided meditations as digital products
  3. CBD topical products
  4. Luxury dog beds
  5. Apparel items for pets (costumes, winter coats, booties)
  6. Snack foods for dietary restrictions
  7. Gourmet spices
  8. Smart home accessories
  9. Wall art
  10. Renter-friendly decor and fixtures
  11. Eco-friendly cleaning products
  12. Vintage thrift finds
  13. Eco-friendly, toxin-free skincare items
  14. Athleisure apparel

Take a look at the full list that features over 100 business ideas and tips on how to launch your brand. 

A Better Lemonade Stand's 50 Business Ideas

  1. Planners and journals
  2. Hair extensions
  3. Digital paper products (ebooks, teacher resources, budget spreadsheets)
  4. Holiday gift wrapping and decor
  5. Luggage, suitcases, and toiletry bags
  6. Non-alcoholic beverages
  7. Men’s accessories (ties, belts, cufflinks)
  8. Everyday Carry Products (keychains, wallets, laptop bags, bottle openers)

Take a look at all of their ideas and learn what makes these products surefire money makers. 

Ecommerce CEO’s What to Sell Online

  1. Water bottles
  2. LED lights
  3. Smartphone accessories (chargers, screen protectors)
  4. Bluelight glasses
  5. Bags and totes
  6. Kitchen gadgets (air fryers, pizza ovens, portable blenders)
  7. Smart home products (smart light bulbs, door sensors, cameras)

Check out their full list and their framework for a product selection process. 

Oberlo’s 30 Trending Products to Sell in 2022

  1. Hair accessories (claw clips, scrunchies, barrettes)
  2. Shapewear
  3. Nail extensions
  4. Temporary tattoos
  5. Tea accessories (kettles, infusers, muslin bags) 
  6. Wireless earbuds
  7. VR accessories (headsets, charging gear, hand tools)

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