Femme Detox increases welcome flow revenue by 76%

Case Studies
Fondue Team
August 28, 2023


Feminine products have never been something that works with women's bodies. These products often contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that change women's body chemistry. This is where Femme Detox comes in.

Femme Detox is a brand providing women with the best way to care for their bodies. With 100% all-natural feminine products, Femme Detox strives to offer holistic healing products that actively support women's body chemistry. Femme produces products designed by women for women. 

Holistic healing means they make products that heal and comfort the person as a whole, not just the problem area. True self-care without the unnecessary side effects.


Femme Detox uses welcome pop-ups with follow-up email/SMS flows as crucial acquisition channels. These pop-ups usually offer 10% coupons to customers who decide to signup for their newsletters.

Beyond driving conversion, email/SMS flows have been priceless to their marketing. Without this channel, they would have had to rely on more paid advertising on channels like Facebook and Instagram. Rising costs in CAC is cause enough for anyone to seek shelter from that reality. Fortunately, Email/SMS has been huge for sustainable growth.

Despite the incredible growth they had achieved, they believed they could do better. Coupon code reliance is the only code they haven't been able to break. Despite their best practices and outstanding user experience with welcome flows, they still have been relying on discounting their products with coupon codes. 

What Femme Detox needed was a new and innovative way to increase its welcome series effectiveness to drive more conversions. 

"We were excited to improve our process. Coupon codes felt like they were eating away at our revenue and deflating our value. Offering CashBack seemed like the perfect solution to solve both problems. It was a simple approach that had a huge impact"
Shashicka Tyre-Hill, CEO


Femme Detox’s marketing team introduced them to Fondue after previous success with other brands. They believed Femme’s excellent focus on welcome flows and creativity, synergized well with Fondue’s CashBack program.

Femme Detox uses Attentive and Klaviyo for its welcome flows. Fondue’s seamless integration with both platforms would make it easy for A/B testing. The A/B test would help determine if a CashBack offer would drive more conversions than their 10% off coupon code.


Fondue was able to quickly onboard Femme Detox and stand up an A/B test. During this test, they pitted the existing 10% off offer against a new 20% CashBack offer. They ran it through two different Attentive SMS and Klaviyo email flows and tracked the performance across the entire welcome series.

Fondue provided best practices for modifying the microcopy at every step of the subsequent email/SMS messages and provided detailed reporting of CashBack uptake and redemption.

The Results

A simple switch from coupons to CashBack achieved a significant improvement to results across the entire welcome series for Femme Detox.

They saw a signup rate increase of 17.9% for email and 20.5% for SMS. When it came to the welcome flow conversions, Fondue’s CashBack was the clear winner, with an increase of 38.2%. The conversion rate continues to hold making the impact of swapping out coupon codes for CashBack that much more impressive. 

"We set out to create a more effective welcome experience for our customers. Fondue exceeded our expectations. Not only generating more revenue but providing a post-purchase experience that continues to elevate the brand."
Shashicka Tyre-Hill, CEO

These substantial increases culminated in a 75.7% increase in welcome flow revenue alone, which is incredible. Switching from 10% off coupons to a 20% cashback offer provided them with higher sustained conversion rates and incentivized customers to purchase in the future. Offering CashBack as a customer incentive has now become a pillar in their growth strategy.

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