How Fondue helped Birthdate Co. nearly triple conversions

Case Studies
Fondue Team
September 27, 2023


Founded in 2019 in New York City, Birthdate Co. crafts one-of-a-kind astrology candles, books, and jewelry that make the perfect personalized gift for any occasion. The innovative DTC brand partnered with Fondue to strategically enhance its welcome series with CashBack as an incentive. 

“Since switching to CashBack with Fondue, our welcome series has never performed better!” - Barbara Almeida, General Manager at Birthdate Co.


Birthdate Co. needed the right incentive to supercharge welcome series performance

Birthdate Co. is well-known in the DTC marketplace as a go-to brand for highly personalized, heartfelt gifts. While this reputation alone brought in ample traffic and sales, Barbara Almeida, General Manager at Birthdate Co., knew her team could further optimize their email and SMS sequences for more signups and (ultimately) conversions. 

To execute this, Barbara needed airtight data: Birthdate Co. began looking for a solution to incentivize list opt-ins as well as to A/B test welcome flows. That’s when the brand discovered CashBack by Fondue. 


Fondue deployed a custom CashBack strategy to help Birthdate Co. drive signups

After an initial consultation, the Fondue team quickly dove in to provide Birthdate Co. with white-glove, hands-on assistance. Fondue implemented a specialized A/B test series from end to end, which would help Barbara and her team identify the ideal incentive to drive the list signups they wanted. 

We set up a two-tier test to run Fondue’s CashBack incentive against Birthdate Co.’s standard welcome discount offer. 

  1. The first tier focused on desktop popups and welcome emails, comparing offers of 10% CashBack, 20% CashBack, and a 10% discount. 
  1. The second tier extended this testing to the mobile experience, targeting mobile popups and SMS comms. 

Once Birthdate Co. had enough test data to come to a conclusion, the numbers said one thing loud and clear: CashBack outperformed standard discounts by leaps and bounds as an incentive. 


By adding CashBack, Birthdate Co.’s welcome series performs better than ever

Since implementing Fondue and adding CashBack to their welcome series, the Birthdate Co. team has seen dramatic performance growth. 

Here’s a snapshot of the results Fondue has driven for Birthdate Co.’s welcome flows: 

  • 133% increase in SMS signups
  • 296% increase in conversions
  • 317% increase in net revenue

Looking ahead, Barbara emphasizes how thrilled her team is by Fondue’s results and “outstanding” client support. As a result, Birthdate Co. has extended CashBack beyond welcome sequences and uses it as a product launch incentive as well. 

“The Fondue team’s process and results surpassed all expectations. They managed the entire setup for us from A to Z.”