Birthdate Co Increases Conversions from Welcome Flow 296%

Case Studies
Fondue Team
March 10, 2023


In today's world, people are seeking unique and thoughtful gifts that express their individuality and show appreciation. The popularity of custom products has soared as a result, but many industries still lack the resources to provide a level of truly unique personalization to their customers.

Entrepreneur Ajay Mehta recognized this gap in the market and saw an opportunity to create astrology-themed products that could truly celebrate each individual's unique traits. Mehta assembled a team of astrologers and master perfumers to develop his signature Birthdate Candles, made from all-natural blends of soy and coconut wax — and custom natural fragrances.

In 2019, Birthdate Co. officially launched —starting with their one-of-a-kind Birthdate Candles. Since then, they have expanded their product line to include a suite of astrology products, from Birthdate Pendants to Birthdate Books, all fully custom-made and personalized for each recipient. With a focus on high-quality products and personalized experiences, Birthdate Co. continues to thrive as a unique and innovative DTC brand.

“We knew we needed a solution that would work well with our seasonal creatives but would also allow us to scale and drive more conversions.”
Birthdate Co.General Manager, Barbara Almeida


Despite having a loyal fanbase, Birthdate Co. recognized that their Email and SMS lists could still be improved, and conversions from their welcome series and pop-up could perform better with strategic changes. They knew that efficiency and conversion rate optimization was crucial for increasing profits and growing the brand.

To achieve their goal of driving more engagement and delivering an elevated customer experience, Birthdate Co. made seasonal changes to their welcome pop-ups to stay relevant to the astrological calendar. However, they needed a solution that would allow them to continue customizing their welcome messaging while simultaneously increasing conversions.


Birthdate Co. has a strong DTC brand and a loyal customer base, but they wanted to optimize their signups and conversions to become the go-to personalized gifting brand. To achieve this, they partnered with Fondue, who brought their expertise in email/SMS and welcome flows to the table.

After consultation, Fondue recommended an A/B test that would offer a new CashBack incentive alongside Birthdate's existing discount offer in their welcome series. By providing customers with a more personalized experience and greater incentives, the CashBack offer was expected to increase conversions (which it quickly did).

“Fondue’s process surpassed our expectations. They managed the entire setup from A to Z.”
Birthdate Co. General Manager, Barbara Almeida


Fondue provided white-glove service, offering hands-on assistance throughout the A/B test. Given Birthdate’s exceptional handle on its customer personas, Fondue was able to help craft on-brand messaging that resonated with Birthdate’s audience, focusing on the potential of CashBack to get customers excited.

The A/B test compared Birthdate's current 10% offer with 10% and 20% CashBack offers, with the goal of determining which offer would increase conversions, signups, and net revenue the most.

Due to high shopper volumes during the testing phase, the test was split into two stages. Stage one focused on desktop pop-ups and welcome flow emails, with analysis of micro-copy to determine the most effective messaging. Stage two extended the test to mobile, targeting mobile pop-ups and SMS communications to optimize results.


The results were in, and the welcome series was a resounding success. The 20% CashBack offer outperformed the 10% off and 10% Cashback offers, leading to an incredible 133% increase in SMS signups from large volumes of new customers. 

By focusing on CashBack instead of discounts, Birthdate achieved remarkable results, with purchases increasing by 317%.

Birthdate was thrilled with both the results and the outstanding customer service they received. They were so pleased with the effectiveness of CashBack that they extended its use beyond the welcome series, including it in a Cashback promotion for their latest product launch. 

“Since switching to CashBack our welcome series has never performed better!”
Birthdate Co.General Manager, Barbara Almeida
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